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Saying "good-bye" to 2021 with thanks

2021 has been rough for our family, but we are very grateful for A LOT. We know we have to keep Be A Wonder moving forward to help other families, like ours, battling rare disease. We also want to continue to support the children's hospitals that do so much for our kids, and our family. We are proud to say that last year we donated nearly $5,000 to Boston Children's and Connecticut Children's virtual toy drives, and have helped the Be The Match Bone Marrow Donation registry gain over 500 new registries. We have a lot of plans for the Be A Wonder Foundation for 2022, which will prioritize putting more tools and resources in the hands of patients/families.

To start us off strong in 2022, we are launching a "good riddance" to 2021 with another virtual toy drive campaign for the children's hospitals, we updated our logos, are launching a new "store front" to build awareness for our Be A Wonder Foundation, and having give-aways to promote Be The Match.

Virtual Toy-Drive - a large portion of all donations made to Be A Wonder Foundation from today through December 24, 2021 will be donated to Boston Children's & Connecticut Children's for their virtual toy drives.

You can donate through the following ways:

Thank you!!

With love and gratitude,

The DiStefano family and the rest of the Be A Wonder Foundation

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